‘NPR’s new guidelines for using social networks: ‘Respect their cultures’’

Article by Jeff Sonderman. The full text is available at Advertisements

‘Sky News Clamps Down on Twitter Use’

Article by Josh Halliday. The full text is available at According to the Feb. 7, 2012 article published on the Guardian’s website: Sky News has told its journalists not to repost information from any Twitter sers who are not an employee or broadcaster. An email to staff on Tuesday laid out new social media guidelines for […]

AFP Social Media Guidelines

Click here to read the orignal PDF AFP Social Media Guidelines report. GUIDELINES FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have firmly established themselves as both an essential part of the newsgathering process and a space where the news is shared and consumed. The management encourages AFP journalists to open accounts […]

Reuters Recommends

As of Feb. 2012, Reuters recommendations as stated on their website: Picking up from Twitter and social media Social networking and micro-blogging sites on the Internet, such as Twitter, are virtual venues where users around the world may sometimes post information and images of great interest to our clients that are not available elsewhere. This is […]

American Society of Newspaper Editors Recommends

In a nutshell: 10 Best Practices for Social Media as recommended by the American Society of Newspaper Editors: 1.Traditional ethics rules still apply online 2.Assume everything you write online will become public 3.Use social media to engage with readers, but professionally 4.Break news on your website, not on Twitter 5.Beware of perceptions 6.Independently authenticate anything […]